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 Pets deserve to eat nutritious, natural foods, just like we do... 


What is fresh food? Well, I believe that it's very simply any food that you, as a human with your greater knowledge of the world, wouldn't mind eating if you were your pet. It covers quite a large range really: from cuts of meat and fresh veggies straight from the farm all the way to some commercially prepared complete & balanced raw diets. What it doesn't cover is kibble, canned food, and even some cooked or raw diets that don't have particularly high manufacturing standards. Basically, you wouldn't be pleased with having to eat the same little brown bits for every meal for your whole life, but for the most part they don't know any better so they're happy campers.

We should feed our pets the very best, freshest foods we can afford to feed them. Take dogs for example: for me, the best I can provide my dog is a DIY raw, species appropriate diet, and I know I'm very lucky. For some people it's a commercially prepared raw diet, or a primarily kibble diet with fresh foods supplemented when possible. Do I think people who can't feed their dogs raw food are bad people? No, of course not! I believe you want the very best for your pet, and there is room in every budget to provide it. The simplest little thing, like topping a quality kibble with liver from the butcher or fresh veggies will make a world of difference for your dog. And anyone can manage that! So while I'd love to create a balanced, fresh food diet for your dog, I'm also so happy to you boost their bowl in small, affordable ways.

This goes for all pets. Kibble fed cats can learn to love fresh meat (if they don't already), horses with metabolic issues can thrive on simple, whole ingredient diets, and throwing veggie scraps to your chickens can improve their egg production.

Feeding fresh foods can be so simple, but it can also be a little overwhelming at the start, so please reach out for help. That's what I'm here for!

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