Which animals does CFPN cover?

I offer complete nutrition & supplementation plans for dogs, cats, and equines. For most everyone else I offer consultaions, advice, and limited diet plans: -livestock: chickens, goats, cattle -small pets: tortoises, rodents, ferrets, rabbits If you don't see your pet listed here, don't worry, there are a lot of animals out there and I didn't type them all up. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions about any of your pets. I'll do my best offer adivce, and if I can't I'm sure I can point you in the direction of a professional who can.

How much does this cost?

Cost varies quite a bit & will fluctuate based upon needs and cicumstances. If you're happy with your free consultation and want to work with me further, I'll put together a custom price list for you based on our chat. Here are some pricing examples though: $10 single basic, personalized, proactive health recipe for dogs or cats $15 single personalized theraputic recipe for dogs or cats $35 a complete personalized proactive diet plan with commerically available premade foods for dogs or cats $50 a complete personalized theraputic diet plan with commerically available premade foods for dogs or cats $25 an herbal/supplementation plan for dogs or cats FREE audit of your current diet to check for nutritional balance (for all animals) $75-$200 a complete personalized DIY diet plan (proactive or thereaputic) for dogs or cats $0-$25 a Divide Feeding Program diet for equines (horses, donkeys, mules) Divide Feed customers get this service for FREE in store $25-$50 livestock feeding program audit & overhaul $10-25 small pet diet audit & overhaul Always FREE - nutrition consultations via email, or in person at Divide Feed. (My store customers will always get complimetary diet advice of course.) I never charge for conversation, no matter how many emails we send back and forth, or how many times you visit me at the store.

What's the difference between "proactive" & "theraputic" diets?

A proactive diet is one we'll create for a healthy pet. It'll consist of solid nutrition (foods & supplementation) that will keep your pet in the best possible condition so they can ward off health issues for as long as possible. A theraputic diet is one we'll create for a pet that has heath issues already; to alleviate symptoms and heal the body. This will be a more complicated diet than a proactive one, and will include very specific ingredients, nutrient contents, and supplementation. Conditions that would benefit from a theraputic diet include, but are not limited to: kidney disease, pancreatitis, liver disease, autoimmune conditions, allergies, overactive yeast growth, even old age.

Am I a veterinarian?

No, I am not. I cannot diagnose* your pets with any diseases, do bloodwork, give you medication advice, perform surgery, or so many other things vets go to school for years and years to learn to do. What I can do is figure out how to feed your pets in a way that can help prevent nutritionally based ailments from happening in the first place. And I can work with you on a theraputic diet that can alleviate symptoms from preexisting diagnoses from your veterinarian. Simply put, I can take the information you receive from your veterinarian (diagnoses, bloodwork, etc...) and translate it into a productive, healthful diet. *While I cannot run any tests to confirm diseases, I can absolutely take a look at any symptoms you're experiencing and give you advice if you're unsure. If it seems like a true medical issue, which something with noticable symptoms very often is, I'll always point you to your veterinarian.

What animals do I personally care for?

I currently have a rottie, a cat, and a tarantula at home. They all eat species appropriate diets and are in excellent health (confirmed by yearly bloodwork done by our amazing veterinarian). Off property, I have a horse of my own, who lives with a herd that includes broodmares and their foals, and an alpine goat. I'm responsible for maintaining the feeding programs for each member of the herd, along with their owners of course, who also happen to own Divide Feed!