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Hi, I'm Lara Rose. I've been an animal lover for as long as I can remember, so finding a passion for giving them the best lives possible was inevitable. Making sure my pets - a horse, a dog, a cat, a tortoise & a spider - are healthy has always been a top priority. Nutrition naturally fits into this.


When I began working at the local feed store in 2017 I got my first glimpses into the lives of other pets in my community. Their people started asking me for care advice, and I found that I really loved helping. As I spent more time researching the pet problems I encountered at the store, I realized that many, if not most, of the solutions were related to diet and nutrition. I needed to know more, so I dove headfirst into classes and certification courses in equine, canine, feline, and even livestock nutrition...



Canine Nutrition Certificate (Cert.CN)

from CASI the Companion Animal Sciences Institute

Canine Diet Formulation

from Cat Lane & the Possible Canine

Continuing Education Diploma in Equine Nutrition

from Michigan State University

Beef System Basics Certificate

from Alabama A&M & Auburn University Extensions

Chicken Behavior and Wellfare Certificate

from the Universtiy of Edinburgh

Dog Emotion and Cognition Certificate

from Duke Universtiy


Nutrition and Herbs for Common Canine Conditions

from Cat Lane & the Possible Canine

Master Herbalist Diploma

from the Centre of Excellence


I founded CareFul Pet Nutrition to serve as an extension of the work I already did every day at the feed store, and it has now grown into it's own thriving business. I maintain positive relationships with many of the pet product and feed providers in the Teller County area, so my clients can support their favorite small business when sourcing the food and supplements outlined in their CFPN recipes and programs. My top priority will always be to help each client give their pets a full life through holistic nutrition designed with care - from commercial foods available in store, to 100% homemade DIY diets.


While I'm nowhere near finished learning (I'll be a life long student in this) I have been able to use the knowledge I've gained so far to help give a whole lot of animals, including my own, happy healthy lives.

So, thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy all the information I've compiled here. And I can't wait to chat with you about your pets!



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